You could be working here in 2020

Proudly presenting: our internship companies

Because of the nature of the companies in Silicon Valley, there are more internship positions in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, computer sciences, biochemistry and engineering. If there isn't a company that appeals to you, don't let this withhold you from applying! If you are the type of talent Silicon Valley is looking for - innovative, entrepreneurial and driven - our team will try to find a company and role that is right for you.

We are a new program that is in development, therefore new internship companies will be added over time. Check this page, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Arcadis is an organization that applies deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services. 


Atomwise designs new molecules for the hardest targets, their discoveries help deliver better medicines faster.


Chrysalix is a global venture capital fund with a long history commercializing step-change innovation for resource intensive industries.


Demetrix, Inc. is a company with world-class expertise in producing nature's ingredients using fermentation. Using the most advanced science and automation, they are able to produce complex, sustainable ingredients – at high purity and low cost. 


DuPont technologies enable the majority of the world’s smart devices to function, it provides crucial components for smart cities, electric and autonomous vehicles.

Ligand Pharmaceuticals              

Ligand invests in new technology, which results in cutting-edge innovations that are making major drugs possible. 


Parsley is a software developer that handles the complex realities of restaurant back-of-house operations. 

Roose Lab (UCSF)

Roose Lab, part of University of California, San Francisco, strives to obtain entirely new insights into the mechanisms that underlie autoimmune diseases, leukemia, and carcinomas.

Segmed is a secure, cloud-based platform that provides a one-stop-shop for medical AI companies to access high quality training data.


Tellus radically improves eldercare with cutting-edge technology and AI. Through AI-enabled devices that are non-contact and smart. 


Zymergen uses biology as a source of new chemical building blocks that enable the development of novel products and materials. To do this, Zymergen leverages machine learning to navigate the genomic search space.